Small Business

Access & Capital

As your Delegate, Cory will make small business owners in the 45th District aware of state and local opportunities for growth and sustainability. Cory will advocate for additional resources for and investments in small businesses.


Minority & Women-Owned Business

Cory will work with the administration to make sure that minority and women-owned business participation goals are met for every public funded project. Cory will work to make sure those state vendors who fail to meet MBE participation requirements are disqualified from being awarded future state contracts.


Fees & Taxes

Cory will review every tax break and fee waiver for large corporations and do all he can to have the same advantages extended to small businesses, especially those that directly impact the neighborhoods in the 45th District.


Leveling the Playing Field

Cory will support legislation that levels the playing field for small businesses. Currently, in the State of Maryland, businesses that conduct business in other states can opt to pay taxes in the state with the lowest tax rate. Unfortunately, small businesses that solely do business in the State of Maryland are at a disadvantage because of this corporate loophole. Cory will advocate for a fair, competitive environment.

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