Fight Illegal Dumping

Cory will advocate for harsher penalties for illegal dumping. Litter and improper dumping plagues many communities in the 45th District.


Training Youth to Identify Sanitation Needs in the Community

Cory will employ two youth residents from the 45th District each year to canvass neighborhoods, training them to be community leaders and public servants; while partnering with the necessary federal, state and local agencies to solve the district’s sanitation problems. During his Listening Tour, Cory realized that there are seniors, single parents, business owners and other concerned residents throughout the 45th Legislative District that have ongoing issues with a public service. Over the past several months, Cory and Team McCray have partnered with many City and State agencies to help solve constituent problems. Whether it was making a phone call to have a playground fence repaired, assisting a senior without proper utilities, or cleaning an alley, they were able to solve the problem because they listened to the concerns of each neighbor and will train our future leaders to do the same.


Working With Prosecutors

Cory will work closely with the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office to prosecute those who illegally dump in 45th District neighborhoods.

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