14450007_1263358213684033_6214480378660997557_nDemetria and I take family photos every year, and we always look forward to sharing that experience with the people we hold dear. These moments pass so quickly, and with our children growing leaps and bounds in the blink of an eye, it helps remind us how important it is to capture each year before it passes.

Between the girls taking dance lessons at the Carroll School of Dance, and swimming at the Waverly Y, our days are filled with activity! Having such a strong wife and partner helps hold it all together, and each year we share is another year that I’m filled with gratitude for everything that she means to us.

Building Tomorrow, Today

14500326_1269420919798361_6719527055331502262_oWe know that each new generation means a new future, and a renewed opportunity to carry our shared dreams one step further. Building a strong relationship between generations is an incredibly important part of helping guide our youth as they begin working towards those dreams. I was humbled to take part in that task this month, when I spoke with students at the University of Baltimore.

I spoke as part of the Divided Baltimore lecture series, which is a candid exploration of Baltimore’s segregated communities and how they came to be. The driving idea behind Divided Baltimore is two-part. First, every resident’s well being is improved if we break down the barriers that separate us, and second, an honest conversation about those barriers is an incredibly important ongoing task.

It is never easy to discuss the outsized roles that race, class, and gender play in our qualities of life, but being a leader means moving beyond the easy tasks. To paraphrase John F. Kennedy: though the work may not be finished in our own lives, we must begin now. Each day I wake, I am reminded of Lyndon Johnson’s call to action after Kennedy’s passing: “Let us continue.” Thank you to the University of Baltimore for giving each of us an opportunity to continue this work together.

Honoring Hometown Heroes

14519777_678481505653709_933766239840100623_nWe have such a rich history of leadership and accomplishment in Baltimore, and as East Baltimore’s first African American senator, Robert L. Dalton is a shining example of that history. To honor those who came before means not just to remember them though, but instead, to carry on the tradition of leadership that they passed on to us. That’s why we began the Hometown Heroes Scholarship fund in Senator Dalton’s honor, as a way of ensuring that rising stars in the 45th District do not lack an opportunity to continue their studies after high school.

Leadership is about results, not rhetoric. At the Hometown Heroes inaugural scholarship dinner, we got results. Members of our community joined with Citywide leaders not just to raise thousands of dollars for our youth, but to commit themselves to ensuring this fundraising and the opportunity it provides go on for years to come. I have such deep admiration for the coalition of support that came together at the dinner, and the boundless promise they hold for the 45th District’s future.

Investing in our Future

I think of each donation you make to my campaign as an investment, and work 7 days a week to make sure you see a return on that investment. Be it economic opportunity, better education, improved transportation, or grassroots community building, you deserve to see the outcomes that matter to you. Each dollar you donate helps us stay in the game so that we can show you those outcomes. Please consider contributing to my campaign, be it $1, $5, or $10. Every bit helps us help the community.

Listening. Learning. Leading.

Cory McCray
Delegate, 45th Legislative District