Public Safety

Tougher Penalties For Violent Offenders

In Annapolis, Cory will work to strengthen current criminal laws—seeking to protect the seniors, children, and all Baltimore City residents by strengthening statutory law in an effort to keep violent offenders off our streets.


Public Safety Resources

In Annapolis, Cory will work to get the Baltimore Police Department additional resources, including technology upgrades, to ensure they are equipped to efficiently and effectively complete their jobs.


Competitive Wages For Baltimore City Police 

Cory will be a staunch advocate in the fight to ensure the Baltimore City Police Department has a wage, benefit, and retirement package that is competitive with surrounding jurisdictions—understanding the importance of attracting the best and brightest police officers to ensure public safety in Baltimore City.



Opportunities For Youth

Cory will work tirelessly to guarantee full funding for our schools, recreation centers, ball fields, and libraries. He is committed to provide safe spaces and bright futures for the youth of Baltimore. Cory will encourage partnerships in the public and private sectors to help our young citizens gain job experience—recognizing that investing in our youth helps to cultivate the City.


Resources For Ex-Offenders

Cory will fight for reentry resources for ex-offenders in the 45th Legislative District, including career counseling and job readiness workshops, free computer training, and information on local employers and labor market trends.

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