Apprenticeship Programs

Cory will fight to provide more apprenticeship opportunities in emerging industries and trades, including construction, nursing, S.T.E.M., computer technology, and other fields that benefit the residents of the 45th District, the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland.

In 2016, I successfully lead the passage of House Bill 676 which creates a reporting requirement; requiring the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council (MATC) to report to the General Assembly certain demographic information about the apprentices enrolled in approved programs. This information is critical for two reasons. First it will allow us to root out the ineffective programs with low success rates, and to find the efficacious programs that work well. Second, we can ensure that minority populations receive the benefits of apprenticeships and that all localities are given a fair shot at joining apprenticeship programs. We have the opportunity to ensure that everyone is given equal access and that everyone experiences a program of comparable quality. But first we need the data, and that to this bill, we will have it.


Local Hiring 

For far to long local jurisdictions have been prohibited from implementing residency requirements for their local government workers. In 2017, I successfully lead the passage of House Bill 167 which returns the authority to local jurisdictions to determine whether residency requirements for local government employees who serve in a supervisory capacity can be an effective policy tool or not.. Current law prevents local governments from making that decision. This bill, if signed, will return discretion over this issue back to local governments.


Living Wage Jobs

Cory will fight for all employers that accept state subsidies to pay a living wage because he knows that our community was at its best when all of our neighbors received a living wage. Neighborhoods like Belair-Edison, Oliver, Berea, Overlea, Frankford, Gardenville and so many others in East and Northeast Baltimore worked at Bethlehem Steel, Domino Sugar, American Can Company, and Lever Brothers, making a living wage for their hard work. While the manufacturing industry has been replaced by the service industry, everyone who works everyday to provide for themselves and their families should receive a living wage. In Annapolis, Cory will partner with all employers within the 45th Legislative District to create living wage opportunities for those in the district.

Small Businesses

Cory will stand up for small businesses. In Annapolis, tax subsidy after tax subsidy is handed to large corporations merely because they have the money and power to lobby legislators. Cory will work to have more funding allocated to small businesses that hire residents within the neighborhoods they serve. Cory will educate small businesses on existing opportunities and identify new opportunities to grow small businesses.


Youth Opportunities

Cory will fight for employment opportunities for our youth during the summer. Leading by example, Cory will employ two youth each summer during his four-year term—training them to be community leaders and public servants.

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