Billion Dollars Over 10 Years

In Annapolis, Cory will ensure the $1.1 billion investment in Baltimore City Public Schools makes its way to Baltimore and is spent efficiently and effectively so that our children have the tools necessary to compete with surrounding jurisdictions.

Since taking office in 2015, my team has taken the time to critically review the 21st Century School Plan and Capital Improvement Dollars for the years 2011 – 2015, specifically analyzing the data given by Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS). Under the criteria set by BCPS, the data show an unequal investment in the 45th District as compared to the other legislative districts in the City of Baltimore. Whether intentionally or not, our district has not received its equitable share of funding for maintenance. In 2017, we lead the passage of House Bill 76 which facilitates transparency by making the allocation of school construction funding public. The long-run goal is to ensure that each dollar is spent in an equitable way. This bill will require the school system to score the conditions of roofs, windows, heating, and all other major components of each school building and to make their findings public.


Partnership With Schools

Cory will, not only fight for the best education for our children in Annapolis, but motivate our youth by continuing to read to students, speak at school events, expedite school trips, and help the Baltimore City teachers realize their full potential.



Cory will fight for living wages, affordable benefits, and dependable retirements to make sure that we have the best and brightest administrators and educators working in Baltimore City Public Schools.


After-School Programs

Cory personally knows the impact of idle time on our children’s future. For this reason, he will be relentless in his fight to ensure appropriate fund allocation for the best after-school programming a city can offer.


Head Start Programs

Cory is an avid supporter of all children, regardless of socioeconomic status, having the opportunity to attend Head Start programs in order for our children to succeed at the earliest age possible—ultimately making them more competitive in the workforce.


Apprenticeship Programs & Higher Education

Cory will advocate for more partnerships between high schools partner and local career apprenticeship programs and higher education institutions to ensure youth who reside in the 45th Legislative District and Baltimore City have the keys to a bright future by knowing the opportunities available to them following graduation.


In 2017, I successfully lead the passage of House Bill 467 Providing Our Workers Education and Readiness (POWER) Apprenticeship Act, which strengthens Maryland’s workforce by requiring recipients of one million ($1,000,000) or more from the State Capital budget who appropriate $500,000 or more to a general contractor or sub-contractor for construction services to either utilize apprentices registered with the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (DLLR), make payments to a Maryland registered apprenticeship program, or make payments to the Maryland Apprenticeship Training Fund.

The State of Maryland currently appropriates 163 capital grants valued at $1,000,000 or more per grant. Those 163 grants total nearly a half-billion dollars — $488, 789,000 to be exact. Many of these capital projects neither hold contractors accountable to their workforce nor utilize apprenticeship standards. Maryland’s workforce and taxpayers deserve both. The Power Apprenticeship Act ensures that the monies already appropriated by the State of Maryland will work more efficiently and effectively by creating accountability requirements.

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