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Less than a month to go

Friends- We are 26 days away from the Democratic Primary on June 24th! With the election quickly approaching, Cory’s campaign is now in full-throttle. We’ve been in the community knocking on doors, calling supporters, and mailing out literature. We’re so thankful for the hard work that hundreds of #TeamMcCray volunteers have contributed to helping us engage with over 15,000 residents! As we’v… read more

Fighting for our families, youth, and workers!

Friends- We are coming down the final stretch! We’re so thankful for the hard work that hundreds of #TeamMcCray volunteers have contributed to helping us engage with over 13,000 residents in the 45th Legislative District! I value every opportunity to speak to residents throughout our district because my life changed for the better when I learned to listen to the people around me. Family and… read more

Small businesses drive our economy

Friends- As a small business owner, I know firsthand the importance of a level playing field to compete in today’s tough economy. Too often, major corporations are allowed to exploit Maryland tax loopholes in order to avoid paying their fair share. This gives them an unfair advantage over small, locally-owned businesses—often making it difficult to succeed. In the 45th Legislative District,… read more

Clean, safe, vibrant communities

Clean, safe, and vibrant communities invigorate participation in caring for them, and instill a sense of ownership and pride in the residents who live there. As I walk various neighborhoods in the 45th Legislative District, I’m disgusted by the sanitation issues that plague our community. I’ve talked to so many residents who care about the cleanliness of their community. They are tired of seeing… read more

An Economy That Works For All of Us

Friends- As an organizer for my local union and a small business owner with a growing family, I understand how important earning a livable wage is to families throughout Baltimore City. Over the past several months, as I knock on doors and engage with 45th Legislative District residents, my neighbors are saying they want more opportunities for gainful employment— allowing them to grow, sustain,… read more

Our Children Are The Future

Hello Friends! Team McCray and I have been talking to residents throughout the 45th Legislative District after launching our  “Listening Tour” in early June, and it’s clear that a key issue in our community is the education of our young people. Many of you have expressed concerns about the poor conditions of our schools, insufficient resources available to our educators, the limited… read more

Meet the McCrays

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the bitter cold temperatures and inconvenient snow accumulations. To be honest, I am ready for Spring. However, there is one benefit to the recent snowstorms…school closings. As the husband of an elementary school teacher and father of two school-aged daughters, I enjoy catching up on quality time with my girls on these days. It’s something different… read more

Today, It Became Official

Hi Family and Friends! Today, I headed down to Annapolis to officially file my certificate of candidacy for 45th Legislative District Delegate with the State Board of Elections. After meeting and engaging with thousands of residents from every part of the district over the past several months, I am incredibly encouraged that the residents of the 45th District are ready for a different approach to… read more

A Part of the Solution

Hello 45th District and Friends! Cory Door Knocking after several inches of snow in FebruaryI hope everyone made out well in Baltimore’s first major snow since Snowmaggedon in 2010. My family and I sure enjoyed the extra time we were able to share. But, with streets clear and the sun shining, Team McCray hit the streets yesterday to knock on doors and connect with 45th Legislative District… read more

No Fundraisers or Rich Friends, Just Hardwork and Loyal Supporters…

It’s a great morning for Team McCray! Yesterday, January 15, 2014 will forever be a day of accomplishment for Team McCray, as candidate committees throughout the State of Maryland submitted campaign finance reports. This marked the campaign’s first significant deadline. These reports provide detailed financial information for each active campaign, including contributions and expenditures. W… read more

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