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Real Leaders…Listen!

I hope this message finds you well on this beautiful evening. A true servant and dedicated worker by nature, Cory will be taking advantage of this perfect weather by continuing to walk the Arcadia community, knocking on doors and hearing from his neighbors. Committed to listening to the residents and understanding the needs of each community within the 45th Legislative District footprint, he is… read more

The Reward of the Process

When I initially set out to run for state delegate in the 45th Legislative District, I did not quite realize the fulfilling reward of the journey to get there. While, I understood the importance of establishing a strong campaign team, canvassing neighborhoods and fundraising as necessary components to running a successful campaign, I had not considered the significance of the process. Now, after… read more

Thanks to You, We are Destined for Greatness!

Week after week, we have such great news to share and it’s all a result of your support. It is evident that you are telling your family, friends and neighbors about Cory McCray, and sharing the reasons why you support this man of integrity. So, I want to say “Thank You” on behalf of Cory and Team McCray for playing a vital role in moving this campaign forward. This past Saturday, joined by… read more

Over 1,000 Facebook “Likes”; Can You Believe It?

Can you believe it? The “Elect Cory McCray” Facebook page has a following of more than 1,000 supporters! Having just launched the page less than two months ago, we are extremely excited that so many people have our backs and support this movement. This great news is evidence that the past eight weeks of commitment and hard work has not gone unnoticed. Team McCray dedicates eight hours eac… read more

Have You Missed A Video?

Have you missed a video? Meet the residents within the 45th District who have pledged their support for Cory by visiting Week 8′s video will be posted on Monday. Will it be your neighbor? Stay tuned! -… read more

We Broke a Record; Please Help Us to Continue

Team McCray is approaching our second month of the campaign and things are looking great because of your support. Thank You! By establishing relationships and broadening our supporter base, last Saturday’s segment of Team McCray’s “Listening Tour” was the most successful yet. We broke our record for volunteer participation, having had 15 volunteers join us, which allowed us to knock on… read more

The Power is Within the Community

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the holiday weekend as much as Team McCray did. For the 6th week of our “Listening Tour,” we had 12 volunteers join us as we knocked on approximately 200 doors in the Rosemont and Glenham-Belhar communities this past Saturday. Click here to view photos. While listening to neighbors on Walther Avenue, Cory met a female resident and her six-year-old daughter. After… read more

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! As you prepare to celebrate this fun holiday with family and friends by attending parades, cookouts and firework presentations, I thought I would extend my sincere appreciation for your support in my efforts to represent the 45th Legislative District in the Maryland General Assembly. I officially launched my campaign for delegate with the “Listening Tour” just a mont… read more

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop! Cory McCray for Delegate

In just a couple of minutes, a few Baltimore trailblazers, including Baltimore City 12th District Councilman Brandon Scott, will come together to host Cory’s first major fundraiser. While fundraising is an important aspect of every campaign, Team McCray’s focus has been and will remain on listening to his neighbors and hearing their thoughts and concerns about the direction of the 45t… read more

We Are Making A Difference

Week 3 has been pretty exciting for #teammccray, this week we spent a large amount of time in Westfield and Hamilton Hills communities canvassing and getting to know the neighborhood. With the redistricting plan ready to take place, all of the folks that we canvassed this past Saturday will be joining the 45th Legislative District. Most people expressed their concerns and issues, were excited… read more

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