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Looking Forward to a Productive Interim

McCray Messenger May 2017 Heading into the interim before my fourth session as your delegate, I am dedicated to being as productive as ever—ensuring that I reach every corner of our district in order to fulfill my promise to listen. I have been… read more

Back in the Community

McCray Messenger April 2017 The final day of the 2017 legislative session has passed, which marks the end of my third year as your state delegate. It has been both an honor and a privilege to represent you in Annapolis, brining your voice to our stat… read more

Hopeful to Move Maryland Forward

McCray Messenger March 2017, v.2 The past three legislative sessions that I have had the honor of representing the 45th Legislative District, I entered the same way: hopeful.  Hopeful to share a vision for a more economically fair, more just, mor… read more

Getting Down to the Wire

McCray Messenger March 2017 With just over a month left of this legislative session, now is the time to focus on working to pass the bills I submitted. This blog explains where those bills are in the legislative process, as well as provides some updates… read more

Progress Through the Legislative Process

McCray Messenger February 2017 As we rapidly move through this legislative session I am reminded that, at times, the pace of progress is only as fast as the legislative process.  Each of the bills I have submitted are making progress and I want to us… read more

Taking Your Voice Back to Annapolis

McCray Messenger January 2017 The General Assembly is back in session and I have reported back to our capital prepared to add your voice to the coming conversations. I anticipate a busy but productive session. I have introduced several bills that w… read more

Growing New Hometown Heroes by Remembering our Past Ones

McCray Messenger January 2017 Hometown Heroes Scholarship Fund It started as a simple idea to remember the City of Baltimore’s local history and to help our students to afford a college education. But, it has become a robust scholarship fund that w… read more

Some Perspective on an Eventful November

McCray Messenger December 2016 Much has changed since the last blog I published. We have witnessed a presidential election, I had the privilege of representing the 45th district at some events, and our community came together to host a turkey giveaway… read more

Let Your Voice Be Heard: Vote!

McCray Messenger November 2016 It’s November and it is an election year, which means the time is now to exercise your right to make your voice heard. Regardless of how you choose to do it, whether it be by absentee ballot, early in-person voting, or… read more

The Future of the 45th District

Demetria and I take family photos every year, and we always look forward to sharing that experience with the people we hold dear. These moments pass so quickly, and with our children growing leaps and bounds in the blink of an eye, it helps remind us how… read more

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