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3,000 Doors & 200 Turkeys

McCray Messenger November 2017 Back to School After turning 35 this Halloween, I entered the month of November with a renewed appreciation for the many blessings I have been fortunate to receive throughout my life. In addition to the love and support of… read more

From Lauraville to St. Louis

McCray Messenger October 2017 ICYMI: Last month I announced my campaign for Maryland State Senate. So far we’ve received almost 1,500 views on the official campaign announcement video, which is posted above. Knock, Knock One of the greatest joys of… read more

A New Challenge

McCray Messenger September 2017 The past three years have been an incredible time in the 45th District. Together we successfully restored the voting rights of Marylanders who had theirs stripped from them and rallied the support necessary to override a… read more

Here, There, and Everywhere

McCray Messenger August 2017 As the summer comes to a close, this month my travels have taken me from here in the 45th District, where I participated in several community events to College Park, where I met with professors at the University of Maryland,… read more

Doing the Work

McCray Messenger July 2017 If there is one thing to be said about me in my capacity as your Delegate, it is that I enjoy doing the work. I enjoy advocating for your interests and fighting for progress in Annapolis, but even more so, I enjoy getting out… read more

A Midsummer Update

The McCray Messenger June 2017 Now that we have reached summer and the interim between legislative sessions are in full swing, I have returned to fulfilling the very first promise I made—to listen. Between attending events around the district,… read more

Looking Forward to a Productive Interim

McCray Messenger May 2017 Heading into the interim before my fourth session as your delegate, I am dedicated to being as productive as ever—ensuring that I reach every corner of our district in order to fulfill my promise to listen. I have been… read more

Back in the Community

McCray Messenger April 2017 The final day of the 2017 legislative session has passed, which marks the end of my third year as your state delegate. It has been both an honor and a privilege to represent you in Annapolis, brining your voice to our stat… read more

Hopeful to Move Maryland Forward

McCray Messenger March 2017, v.2 The past three legislative sessions that I have had the honor of representing the 45th Legislative District, I entered the same way: hopeful.  Hopeful to share a vision for a more economically fair, more just, mor… read more

Getting Down to the Wire

McCray Messenger March 2017 With just over a month left of this legislative session, now is the time to focus on working to pass the bills I submitted. This blog explains where those bills are in the legislative process, as well as provides some updates… read more

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