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January 2017

The General Assembly is back in session and I have reported back to our capital prepared to add your voice to the coming conversations. I anticipate a busy but productive session. I have introduced several bills that will help the 45th district continue to make progress. This blog will provide details on those bills and some information about some events in our district.

Conversation with Cory

With the start of session I also restart the Conversation with Cory initiative that allows me to hear your concerns and to help guide my actions in Annapolis. The first event for this year will be on January 28 from 10 until noon at the Rita Church Community Center

Conversations with Cory Jan 2017 graphic

We will focus on the start of the legislative session and I will talk about the application process for my Delegate Scholarship. We will also touch on the state budget and the bills that I have introduced. We also host a guest speaker, Baltimore City Public Schools CEO Sonja Santelises, who will discuss her vision for our city schools.

Proposed Legislation

House Bill 9 proposes a plan to modernize Baltimore City’s police district boundaries. I look forward to working with Councilman Brandon Scott to help to create a transparent process for redistricting police districts by getting this bill passed. The bill can be found here.

Ground Rent Graphic

House Bill 44, as proposed, will update the Ground Rent Registration forms administered by the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation. After talking to a neighbor and member of the North Harford Community Association, I agreed that in 2017 these registration forms should give the option to provide alternate modes of contact, including email address and phone number. For more information, please review the accompanying graphic or find the bill here.

House Bill 76 creates a capital project scoring system that will make the process of awarding capital dollars more transparent. In the two years I’ve served in office, I have seen disparities in how capital maintenance and improvement dollars are allocated amongst city schools. This bill merely calls for greater transparency, by establishing a scoring system for large school construction projects such as roofs, windows, doors, and heating and air conditioning. The scoring system will ensure all schools are on equal footing when they compete for funding and that our communities receive an explanation for funding decisions. You can find the bill here.

House Bill 167 allows counties and municipalities across the state to require certain at-will, supervisory employees to reside in the jurisdiction that they serve. Current law prevents local elected officials across our state from exercising their discretion in deciding whether a residency requirement would benefit the people they serve. Rather than completely removing this tool from their toolbox this bill will return the decision back to the localities who are better situated to know how to serve their citizens best. The full text of the bill can be found here.

Back in the District

I was honored to be the subject of a post authored by a local blogger named Kenneth Harris, Jr. His kind words can be found here.

In the true spirit of the day, I celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day by joining the Sixth Branch and various community leaders in the Johnston Square community for a day of action. We helped to beautify the neighborhood by preparing a lot for the creation of a football field. Dr. King’s words inspire me everyday, but on this particular day one of his quotes is particularly apt. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others’,” he said. With these words on all of our hearts and our hands diligently doing the work, we—together—can make our city, our state, and this world a better place.

6th Branch MLK Day

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