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December 2016

Much has changed since the last blog I published. We have witnessed a presidential election, I had the privilege of representing the 45th district at some events, and our community came together to host a turkey giveaway just in time to spread Thanksgiving cheer for our neighbors. I am publishing this blog to provide you with details on these events.

Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

I am proud to have hosted a turkey giveaway in my district, sponsored by the Carpenters Local Union 177. On Sunday November 20 we were able to provide turkeys for 300 families across the district. I would like to thank David Harris for graciously opening the McElderry Park Community Center, to Principal Katie Eichman for graciously opening AFYA Baltimore, and to Pastor David Biggers for graciously opening Transforming Life Church of God so that we could help 300 families to make their holiday memorable. This event would not have been possible without them. I also thank Kate and Scott Adams, who each volunteered and went above and beyond in coordinating each site.

McCray Turkey Giveaway

Election Night Party at The SEED School

Election Night SEED

On election night, I joined the students at the SEED School for their election night party. We discussed my role as a State Delegate, the budget for the State of Maryland, and some of the more intriguing laws that have either been passed or introduced during the last two legislative sessions.

This was my first time on the SEED School’s campus and I was very impressed. Students live on campus from Monday through Friday and they have one of the highest college acceptance rates in the City of Baltimore. I thank them for their generous hospitality and I wish them well in their mission to serve our students.


Reflections on the Election

Also on election night we found out who the 45th president of the United States of America will be. My immediate reaction was awe. But, one of the things that you learn growing up in Baltimore is that life deals you surprise blows from time to time and not everything will go your way. When I woke up on November 9, I came to the realization that this too shall pass.

That said, one of the more challenging things I had to do was to explain what our country had done to my 9 year old daughter. When I was her age I never thought about politics or paid attention to elections. My daughter is much more engaged than I was. In the weeks leading up to the election she started to ask more questions and to have more thoughtful conversations with her classmates. She could not understand why our next president was demeaning fellow Americans – who happen to be different from him. My wife and I had to have a hard conversation about racism, sexism, and all of the other “isms” and how they are related to the current election. Our conversation, my daughter’s level of engagement, and my general belief in the goodness of our country leaves me hopeful for our future.

I did not vote for Donald Trump, but I wish him nothing but success as he begins serving all of America. I sincerely hope that he does not exhibit the same behavior in the oval office as he did on the campaign trail.

Updates from the District

This month I was able to stand in solidarity with the Amalgamated Transit Union in their call for greater investment in our transit system. Their plan puts forward a 21st century transit system totally integrated with the proposed Baltimore Link project. Their plan also calls for greater drive times with Bus Rapid Transit, exploring different options in paying to ride transit, and a greater conversation about the kind of buses the State of Maryland purchases.

National Apprenticeship Week is in November and I was glad to celebrate it. We had a strong Apprenticeship agenda in 2016 and that will be continued in 2017.

I was also honored to speak at the “Young Men with Power” and “Young Women with Class” prayer breakfast. They are doing such great work for our youth and I am honored to have attended this event.

Help To Keep This Grassroots Movement Moving

I think of each donation you make to my campaign as an investment, and work 7 days a week to make sure you see a return on that investment. Be it economic opportunity, better education, improved transportation, or grassroots community building, you deserve to see the outcomes that matter to you. Each dollar you donate helps us stay in the game so that we can show you those outcomes. Please consider contributing to my campaign, be it $1, $5, or $10. Every bit helps us help the community.

Listening. Learning. Leading.



Cory McCray

Delegate, 45th Legislative District